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Printing Specifications
Preferred Format:

Adobe Acrobat PDF - Please visit if you do not have Adobe Acrobat. This format is as close to "What You See Is What You Get" as possible. If it isn't right on your PDF, it's not going to print right. Please follow the Design Requirements below to ensure best quality in your PDF.

Acceptable Formats:
(additional fees/processing time may apply):

If you have any questions about formats please email

Jennifer Schmauss - Graphics Designer/Editor at

Layout Program Policies:

• Include ALL linked files (vector and bitmap/photo). Be sure all links are updated and current. Missing files will create delays and incur additional charges.
• Include all font files used in your document. Fonts should not have styles such as bold or italic applied to them within the page layout program. Use the font containing the desired attribute. If the desired font is not available, a different font should be chosen. Applying styles may not print as desired. All fonts used in EPS files must be converted to outlines.
•Type objects in black or grey should be black only, not combinations of process (CMYK) colors.
•Check for overprinting issues with black and white type.
•Pay attention to ad size and live area specifications.

Design Requirements:

Photo and bitmap files, whether separate or embedded in EPS. Color - resolution of 300 dpi at 100%, converted to CMYK mode.
Grayscale - resolution of 300 dpi at 100%
Bitmap (BW) - resolution of 600 dpi at 100%
Vector art (EPS, Illustrator, etc.)
Convert fonts to curves.
Convert all spot colors to process (CMYK) colors.

We cannot be responsible for typographical errors in files that you design. We cannot modify PDF files.
Other files that we modify at your request will require approval of a proof, creating delays and incurring additional fees.


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