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20 Years Experience

Malissa works with foreign exchange students and has hosted over TWELVE. She also enjoys traveling.
4 Years Experience

Bailey is a mom of two, a little girl and an English Mastiff. She likes to think she is funnier than she really is.
25 Years Experience

Jen was born into the farming life. She is also a die hard Cubbies Fan.
5 Years Experience

Julie loves spending time with her family. She also enjoys a nice cup of coffee.
21 Years Experience

Tanya has been with the company since it started! She also enjoys crafting and has a super cute laugh.
3 Years Experience

Ashley enjoys getting together with family. Shes a big dog lover, she has a husky, a pug and a mini Australian shepherd.
11 Years Experience

Kyli enjoys antiques especially lanterns. She also enjoys hunting, she has more guns than most guys!
1 Year Experience

Candy enjoys fun community projects as well as helping at the local animal shelter.
15 Years Experience

Jessica just had her third child in August. She is an avid movie enthusiast as well as hair color addict.
Malissa Kudron
General Manager
Jessica Lassiter
Asst. Manager
Bailey Stein
Co-op Manager
Julie Hill
​Office Asst.
Tanya Dencklau
Ashley Prado
Kyli Swanson
Candy Hart
2 Years Experience

Toddy likes Pina Coladas and getting lost in the rain. 
Toddy Svboda
1 Year Experience

Dog Mom who likes photography and hiking. 
Zoey Bratland
Jennifer Schmauss
Editor/Graphic Designer